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Model name FUTE (fuyuto)
Vehicle body outside size 1,680mm in total length X overall width 480mm X overall height 1,140mm
Distance (wheelbase) between axle 1,200mm
The amount of seat 820mm
The minimum freeboard 140mm
Vehicle weight L72 .5 kg S88 .5 kg
Maximum flying range 50-55km ※The mileage per 1 charge
The maximum speed 55km/h
Climbing ability 20 degrees
The smallest radius of gyration 1.84m
Type (motor kind) 48V direct current brushless motor
The rating output 0.58kw
Max power 1.5kw
The rating torque /'s greatest torque 14N.m / 60N.m
Brakes form (after previous /) Front wheel: Disc brake / rear wheel: Drum brake
Tire size (after previous /) 10inch
Steering angle right and left 45 degrees
Ride capacity One person
Battery Outside size L145 (full length) X 180 (overall width) X 345 (overall height) mm
S210 (full length) X 160 (overall width) X 210 (overall height) mm
Kind L iron lithium S lead acid
The voltage, capacity 48V 20Ah
Weight L11 .45 kg S27 .5 kg
Charge time L5 time S8 time
Charge power supply Home AC110V
The charge number of times L1000 time S330 time ※It varies according to the direction for uses
Battery charger outside size L200 *95*55mm S150 *90*60mm
The battery charger output DC59V
  • Mention number is maker examination level.
  • The mileage per one charge written on the cover is steady-state driving test level and may change by conditions such as traffic condition, run, the weather, vehicle installation weight, maintenance.
    We do not guarantee one charge mileage.
  • We may change this way and appearance without notice.
  • By changes of specifications, photograph and a content may be different from true car.


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