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Privacy policy

Request International, Inc. (called "us" as follows.) This recognizes importance of personal information of customer and observes various models about protection of personal information and will try for the cause of the following policies, protection of personal information including prevention of leak accident.

  • 1.Definition of personal information
    Information that can distinguish collection, customer individual obtaining from personal information from customer and We mean information that is inherent to customer individual.
    (example) full name, address, phone number, e-mail address
  • 2.Collection, acquisition of personal information
    As far as it is necessary and we perform collection, acquisition of personal information by legitimate fair means. In addition, on collection, acquisition of personal information about minor, we may have agreement of protector as needed.
  • 3.Clarification of use purpose
    We use personal information of customer to provide useful, appropriate information, service to product (including product guarantee), customer including introduction of service whom we treat.
    In the use of personal information, we use as far as we told fate, customer about the use purpose every service to need the use of personal information definitely. In addition, we take appropriate measures such as publication on our homepage, notice to customer, the acquisition of agreement from customer about use purpose after change when we change use purpose of personal information.
  • It is outside offer of personal information 4-1: Trust
    We may consign duties about the handling of personal information to the outside for the achievement of use purpose of personal information that we told customer about in the necessary range. In that case, we make a contract about protection of personal information after having confirmed that enough protection of personal information is accomplished in trust and take appropriate supervision measures.
  • It is outside offer of personal information 4-2: The joint use
    Joint, we may use personal information with authorized person including affiliates and retail store, repair shop for the achievement of use purpose of personal information that we told customer about in the necessary range. In that case, we will tell customer about the following matters.
    [content to tell about]
    • Use personal information jointly
    • Item of personal information to use jointly
    • Range of person who shares, and uses
    • Use purpose of person using jointly
    • Administrator of personal information
  • It is outside offer of personal information 4-3: Third party offer
    As a general rule, we do not offer personal information to third party except case of the trust mentioned above and the joint use. We perform exceptionally when we offer personal information to third party after having had agreement of customer beforehand by all means. But, in the following cases, we disclose personal information and may provide.
    • (1)When because it was revealed that customer did act to give disadvantage to us or other customers, we notify court, police or other related organizations and party concerned
    • (2)When disclosure, offer is demanded from government office, court, prosecutor, the police, bar association, consumer service center or organization having authority to follow them based on laws and ordinances
    • (3)When we disclose based on laws and ordinances and, other than (1) mentioned above and (2), provide
  • 5.Correspondence to customer
    We deal immediately after having confirmed that it is the person when customer stops disclosure, correction, addition, removal, suspension of your personal contents, third party offer, and inquiry of use purpose of other personal information, consultation of complaint are hoped for as far as it is rational. In addition, in confirmation of being the person, we may ask to confirm contact information of customer and other details.
  • 6.Appropriate management of personal information
    We take severe measures to put administrator when we manage collection, personal information that we obtained from customer, and to prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, manipulation for personal information and leak and, also, act for appropriate management to maintain correct contents of personal information.
  • 7.Responsibility as Entities Handling Personal Information
    We observe laws and ordinances, model applied about personal information. In addition, about the handling of personal information of customer, we will plan adequacy while being improved appropriately.
  • 8.About revision of this policy
    In us, we review this policy appropriately and may revise all or part. When we revise, we will tell customer immediately on our homepage.

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