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Characteristic of FUTE

ECOLOGY ecology
100% electric run that is kind to the earth.

  • Because we run by electricity, we do not exhaust CO2 at all.
  • As it is electric motor, anyway, engine sound is quiet.
CONVENIENT convenience
Disassembly is easy! My room charge.

  • We can charge in relief, own room in apartment complex.
  • Even woman adopted portable light weight lithium battery.
  • While we are sleeping, we can charge fully. (approximately five hours)
※In the case of lithium battery specifications car.
REASONABLE economy mark
Is ultra-efficient; as for the family budget easily.

  • We quite in comparison with gasoline-powered car realized good mileage of 1/15.
  • Exchange of engine oil is not necessary, too.
※In the case of lithium battery specifications car.
※Gasoline = 120 yen /1L, electricity bill
 (charge per one hour) is calculation of = 2.5 yen.
※We add to run of 440km, and charge is necessary.
POWERFUL is powerful
We can run approximately 55km by one charge.

Industry bending fingers! Life is long and is equipped with lithium battery that light weight is powerful.
Can run more than 50km by one charge, and in the slope easily.

POWERFUL is powerful
Engine sound is very quiet. Gentle ride comfort.

Because we run with electric motor, anyway, engine sound is quiet.
We do not trouble neighborhood even early in the morning in the middle of the night.

DESIGN fashion
Nostalgic form & stylish round shape light.

It is city motor scooter design equipped with stylish round shape light.
It is slightly nostalgic, and amiability is plentiful.

EASY is easy
With simple specifications that are kind to woman easily.

Hand does not become dirty unlike gasoline-powered car and does not take trouble, too.
Disassembly of battery is convenient simply, too. Oil maintenance that is exchange-free is free.

SUPPORT support
Domestic standard & maintenance network of relief.

According to domestic standard, "PSE mark" based on the electrical equipment security method is with. Aftercare is perfect, too, and repair and care are received in networks of the whole country.